Remembering our Teachers

I just posted one idea for a Teacher Christmas gift using gift buckets and filling them with M&M's.  But for my daughter's teacher and teacher's aid, I wanted to do something a bit different.  Something that perhaps would stay in their classroom and would bring a smile to their faces whenever they looked at them.  So, I got out my box of crayons, hot glue and paper, and went to work.

I needed to use a little heavier paper for this project than just printer paper. 
I drew an outline of the letter "L" , the first initial of her teacher's last name, and just started cutting crayons on a cutting board until they were the size I needed to make the shape of the letter I wanted.

When the letter was finished, I found a black frame, took the glass out and inserted the newly created art.  How fitting for any teacher.  Letters made out of crayons......come on now, you have to admit that it's all 
Pretty Crafty!!

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