I love a snowman!

It's been quite a dry winter around here this year.  One of the things I like most about living in Utah is that we have distinct seasons.  However, things are a bit different this year.  I am doing everything I can to send my message into the universe that we need snow.  I decided to make a few snowmen using some left over 2x4s and the next morning when I looked out the window, I saw the very thing I had been wishing for.  SNOW!!!!

Perhaps if more of us make these snowmen, we will have more snow.  And you know what snow equals......skiing, sledding, hot cocoa, fires in the fireplace and most of all, no watering restrictions in the summer for our yards.   So get your craft on and I'll tell you how I did this.

All you need to make this is :

*A 2x4. Cut pieces as follows: (1) 5 inch piece, (1) 4 inch piece and (2) 3 inch pieces.
*3/4 thick MDF. I used some scraps I had for the hat
*Ribbon for the scarf
*Mod Podge scrapbook paper on the hat.
*permanent marker for the face and scrapbook paper for the carrot nose
*glue it all together with Gorilla Glue.

The best thing about 2x4 projects is they are so easy. And they bring out the season in all of us!

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