Super Hero in Training

My daughter is always running around the house flitting and flying like she is on a mission of some sort.  She says she is in training to become a superhero.  Well, I got to thinking, what better way to be a super hero than to have wings.....and since she is training a to be a super hero that runs fast and flys high, I thought it fitting to add wings to her shoes.

I found am image on the Internet of wings and determined the size I would need to fit her shoes.  I then printed them out onto iron-on paper.  With some extra vinyl fabric I had left over from a previous creation, I ironed the pattern on and cut it out leaving a fairly stiff and long lasting wing. 

However, it still needed a little flare.  So, with the use of a little glitter glue purchased from the local craft store, I added some sparkle to the wings and let them dry for about 24 hours.

Then, with the use of a fabric punch and some small scissors, I cut out the holes where the laces would go and tied them on to her tennis shoes.

Now she can run and move like a super hero in training.  Who knows, with these wings, she just might become a real super hero after all.

Now Isn't that pretty crafty!?!?!

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