Have a SUPER Valentines Day!

I love it when my kids get to exchange Valentines with their friends at school and get to decorate boxes and envelopes.  It's like crafting nirvana for me.  I am not one who goes to the store and buys the pre-made Valentines cards and just adds a piece of candy. Oh no! If it doesn't require some forethought and time.....it's just not worth making.  Okay, so I'm crazy, I know.  But it is fun to share things with others that may not be so common.  This year for some reason both of my kids are really into the superhero thing.  So I thought it would be fitting to make some superhero valentines to share with their super valentine friends. 
With the use of a sucker.....tootsie pops or blow pops....

 and this template that needs to be printed and cut out...

You can put it all together on your sucker and have a SUPER superhero valentine to give to your kid's friends!

Happy V-DAY everyone!!

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