Sealed With A Kiss!

Due to my never ending grace and my unfailing balance and coordination, I have been forced to slow down doing the things I enjoy because of this hideous reminder of what happens when you are showing off in unsafe conditions.  I was showing off my pretty stunning goulashes that I had just recently purchased for $5 from a local thrift store, and doing so while shoveling my icy driveway.  I'm sure you can guess what happened next.  So, although I am blessed with many talents, ice skating and cat-like reflexes are not on that list.

But, I can't let a cast get in the way of my crafting.  So while I am still pressing's just moving a bit slower these days,  perhaps these next few postings of valentine's flare can be saved for next year, unless you are like me and celebrate the holiday the whole month long.

  I have found this fantastic store in Salt Lake called the Wood Connection where you can buy all sorts of fun holiday decor that will help you get your "craft" on. If you don't live in the Salt Lake area, you can order from them and they will ship to you. The craft store is full of unfinished wood projects at super affordable prices.  Although I personally enjoy cutting my own wood, I know there are many out there that don't have the equipment to do so. So for a few minutes in the car and a moment of recovery from such visual stimulation, you too can have cute holiday decor, still original to you because you still have to finish it,  just with a little less hassle.

Since using any sort of blade or saw would be an accident waiting to happen while in my current condition, I got in my car and headed to the store and found some cute things I wanted to share with you. 

The store has pre-made kits of certain projects, or random letters, vinyl cutouts and other various items so you can create your own.  I choose to do SWAK or Sealed with a kiss for those who don't understand "texting" language.  (My husband is still confused and is sure I just made it up.  I find the W being turned upside down to make an M all of the time.  I know it's him just trying to be funny.)

Anyway, I found some darling craft paper and decided to use that on the letters as opposed to painting them out.  Whatever you choose is perfectly fine.  So I traced the letters on the paper, cut them out and I did paint the sides and backs of the letters.  You can kind of tell I chose hot pink and turquoise blue to match my paper. I glued the paper on but chose not to modge podge over the top.  I just didn't want the shine.  

*And here's a fun tip for you for when you are using paper on wood.  Sometimes it can be hard to cut the paper to fit EXACTLY to the shape.  I tend to have hangover and once it's glued on, it's hard to trim off.  Well put down those scissors and grab a piece of sandpaper and use it to sand off the edges.  It will nicely trim the paper to the shape of the wood and can also help get rid of any edges that might threaten to snag and tear up. 

There ya go.  Even with one hand, you don't have to give up on sprucing up the place for the holidays. Just make it a bit simpler for a while instead. 


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