The "Light" of my life

Valentines Day is quickly approaching and for most of us, finding that "Perfect" gift is next to impossible.  My husband does not enjoy candy, it would take a miraculous event to get a reservation at a restaurant, and the fact that we have two invasive children, well, ya know, kinda kills any romance you could attempt to create at home. 

So this year I decided to make my valentine a little something different.  A reminder of where he stands in my life. Now he can put it on his desk as a reminder of his role in our family. 

People, this was so easy to make, and I am sure that whoever you give it to will love it because it's creative, it's as inexpensive as it gets, and most important, because you made it. 

Here's the how to:

Take a light bulb.   Just your standard, ordinary old light bulb.  It doesn't matter if it's clear or white, just needs to be a light bulb.  At the bottom of the light bulb, below that black ring is a piece of flat metal.  With a pair of pliers and probably a garbage can underneath, you want to pry that piece of metal off.  The black ring holding it on is glass and it's okay if it breaks. 

Once the metal is removed, use your pliers to break apart the black ring and  pull out the filaments inside. 
*In case you are wondering, yes, I am wearing a cast on my left hand.  A cast that went all the way to my shoulder.  So hey, if I can do this one handed, surely you can do it with two hands.

When the filament and all the inside pieces are removed, the bulb (if it's white) will start shedding the powder that's on the inside of the bulb.  It's not harmful, so take it to the sink and wash that bulb on out. 

While the light bulb was drying after being rinsed out, I had to make my new filament to put inside.  I took a heavy gauge wire and with my pliers, fashioned it into the best heart I could possibly make.  And then because I have this crazy obsession with glitter, that's what I used to embellish it. You can paint the wire or leave it in it's original color.  Your call.

Because I was afraid that this was looking a little "girly", I decided to adhere this to an old weathered piece of wood to try and "man" it up.  I used a 1" drill bit to make a hole just barely deep enough to hold the light bulb in and not risk it tipping over and breaking.  I hot glued the sparkly filament on to the wood....

And then slid the light bulb over the top of it and hot glued the bulb to the wood.

If you're doing it right, it should look like this right now.

Now for the finishing touch, a little note
"Light of my Life" and with some little pins pinned to the wood.  

Now you have a unique and darling valentine to give your sweetheart this year.  And although small and simple, it's packed with tons of LOVE!!

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