A gift for our teachers!!

While I had my saw out cutting out some St. Patrick's Day decor and a few other delights, I decided to get a jump on some gifts for my kid's school teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week usually in April.  This is the easiest gift ever and I thought they turned out pretty cute.  

I winged it on the pattern.  The first one turned out pretty good, so I used it to trace onto the next few pieces of wood I was going to cut.  

After it was cut and sanded, I painted it up just using your run of the mill craft paint from the local craft store. 

Because my painting is no where near perfect and I tend to have a lot of flaws, even on an item this large, I like to distress it so it looked like my mistakes were meant to be there.  With the help of a wood file or some fine grit sand paper, I love my file, I destressed the pencil in a variety of places to make it look worn.

The last thing to do was to add their names.  It would be super cute to just write their names on the pencil, but my handwriting is not cute enough to do such things, so I turn to my trusty vinyl cutter for projects like that.  

And there you have it.  A pencil that is super easy, cute and a great way to show your appreciation to the teacher's that educate our kids.

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