Think Green

It's been heaven having my hand free of that itchy fiber glass cast.  And since I've had it off, I have taken full advantage of the increased mobility.

I got right to work with my saws and began my frequent visits to the local Home Depot.  I'm sure I was missed there as I do contribute quite nicely to their sales.  Well, I'm back.  I grabbed some wood determined to make some St. Patrick's day decor to put around the house for the month of March.  I had seen a cute hat similar to the one pictured below and figured that would be cute and different.  Something unique.

So I found a pattern on the Internet, traced it onto the wood, and with my scroll saw cut it out. 

I used this fantastic color of green.  It's called "limeade" and I love that it's not the traditional Shamrock or Kelly green, but it's got such a nice springy color to it.  

So I painted the hat and added some cute patterned paper to it just to give it more character.  I just painted Elmer's glue on the back of the paper and stuck it on the hat. 

Once it was on and dry, I cut the excess paper off.  I am not great at measuring.  In fact, I am terrible at it.  But not to worry, no one has to know.  If you have paper hanging over the edge of wood and it's too difficult to cut with scissors or an Exacto knife, grab a wood file or a piece of fine sandpaper and sand those edges right off.

I added a little ribbon, some glitter (of course) and a vinyl saying "Kiss me" and there you have it....

My little bit of luck. 

Oh, and I found these cute letters at a local craft store and decided they were fun for the holiday too.  I know, "kiss me" is more of a Valentine's day saying, but there's a little bit of Irish in all of us, and as the saying goes "kiss me I'm Irish."  Besides, it doesn't hurt to have a reminder for your beloved to see.  Am I right?

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