Spring has sprung

Another wood carved project.  I guess once I get started cutting, I just can't stop.  Plus I have all of these left over scraps of wood and I just can't bare to let them go to waste.

How cute did this carrot turn out.  I mean really, how many people do you know that have a carrot hanging on their front door to ring in spring?  I am supposing not many would be so bold.  But, I'm not one to be afraid of showing off my love for color and love for all things odd.

So here it is all cut out and ready to paint.  Notice the little slices in some of the curves of the carrot? Those actually started out as mistakes, but in my world of creativity, no mistake is made that cannot be made into something crafty. 

I am loving this crazy color of green these days.  It gives a little variety to the color so not everything is grass green, although there is nothing wrong with that color in particular.

Add a sparkle and a bit of ribbon to it and VOILA!!

An extra large carrot to hang on your door.,  Who wouldn't want one of those.

Oh PS.....if you're not into cutting wood like I am, I found a pattern very similar to this last week when I was at the wood connection in Salt Lake.  But who wants it pre cut when it's so fun to play with the saw?

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  1. My husband Zach told me about your blog...I LOVE it! I want to be as crafty as you. You are one talented lady! This is an adorable decoration. Thanks for sharing.