Girl's camp is quickly approaching and I am sooooo excited.  We were asked this year for our Stake camp to represent a country from around the world.  We chose Spain.  To make this an experience to remember, I am doing all that I can to transform our camp to relfect the diverse and colorful culture of country where the sun is always shining.  From clothing accessories, to camp decorations, to delicious Spanish food, we will experience Spain in the best way that people from landlocked Utah can.

You may or may not know that Spanish women love to be bold.  And almost always can be found adorning the traditional accessories such as flowers in their hair.  Large flowers accentuationg their long brown pony tails.  We will channel our inner Spain by doing the same.  I made these cute flower hair pieces for our girls and I LOVE THEM.

I went to Michael's crafts and picked up some big artificial flowers, pulled them off their stems

and did nothing more than hot glue a hair clip to the back of them. 

Pretty easy, and super cute!

And pretty darn crafty!

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