From drab to FAB!

I am trying to figure out a way to organize my life this spring and am making it all more of a mess than I am helping the situation.  But, at least the effort is being made.  I feel like I should get points for trying.  I recently scored this old filing cabinet to help aid me in my journey, but it needed to be spruced up a little before I wanted to put it to good use. 

When I first acquired it, it had an old smoky, musty smell that made me want to never open the drawers let a lone put stuff in it.  But I learned a little trick to ridding it of the smell.  The magic of coffee beans.  I put some in a paper cup and set the cup in each drawer for about 2 days.  I don't know the hows and whys of it, but the smell was gone, and my quest for organization could continue.  

I went to the Dollar Tree and purchased some cute contact paper to use to cover this old thing and make it look fancier.  I am not a super patient person, but I have learned that if you want to use contact paper, that is a quality you have to develop. 

I removed the hardware from the front of the cabinet and began wrapping it with the contact paper as if I was wrapping a large gift. 

And look how nice it turned out. 

Now, I am excited to display this newly renovated piece of furniture in my craft room,
and let the organizing begin.

Now isn't that crafty?

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