Edible Glitter!

I just hate it when the Internet goes down and I realize how much my life really does revolve around it.  I have been doing all sorts of projects and snapping tons of cute springtime photos of my kids, and without the Internet....well, let's just say I'm a bit behind.  But, here's to a new beginning.

I wanted to share with you this fun thing I learned how to make that is sure to add "sparkle" to any occasion.  You should know by now how much I love glitter and anything that sparkles.  It's true!  I laugh because I love it almost as much as most people hate it.  I have heard glitter referred to as the "herpes" of the art world.  It doesn't matter to me.....I LOVE IT!!! and now I have learned how to make it edible.

Check it out. 

It's nothing more than taking some sugar and adding food coloring to it.



I used a fork to mix it all up so that I could even out the lumps sometimes found in the sugar.  Now, to set the color so it doesn't come off on your hands or anything else, throw it on a cookie sheet or glass pan and stick it in the oven for maybe 5-10 minutes on 200 degrees. Then remove it and shake out the lumps again and there you have it.......EDIBLE GLITTER to use on whatever your heart desires.



(PS....one of my summer goals is to learn how to take better pictures.  Until then, you will just have to use your imagination.)

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