Refill anyone?

This is one of the best ideas I have ever seen.  No, it's not my original idea, but I am sure gonna copy it.  I hate having to buy a whole new jar of bubbles every time my kids spill theirs or use them up.  And those huge refill jugs are impossible to pour into the little bottles without losing half of the bubble solution to the ground.  So, here's what some clever person came up with, and I will for sure follow suit.  

I hit the local Walmart and bought a drink dispenser with a spout that is easy for the kids to use (and the best part about the dispenser is it's plastic, so if it falls, it won't shatter).  Add a little vinyl label so we all know what it is and now, those little rug rats can fill their own bubbles with less mess....hopefully. 

Now isn't that pretty crafty?!!!

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