There's a Gnome in the Window

Our home is lovely.  We have a nice view of the beautiful neighborhood we live in and our neighbors have great looking yards.  Although, not every window has a nice view.  The windows in our basement look out into ugly old window wells full of leaves and dirt.  Not so breath-taking.  They are large window wells in plain view in our family room so  I thought I needed to do a little something to spruce up the view. 

So, I decided to add a garden....and a new little friend.  Since the window well does get light, but mostly shade, as it is on the East side of the house, I planted shade-loving plants like coleus, impatients and a beautiful Ivy-like ground cover.   When this thing is in full bloom, it will look quite snazzy. 

Now when we look outside, we have a better view of something nice.  Perhaps one day I will be able to cover up the ugly white metal on the sides of my window well. One step at a time, people.  I'm moving one step at a time.

PS. My 4 year old insisted we add a light to the garden so our gnome friend didn't get scared.  So, I found a solar light at the Dollar Store.  Now we have a garden, complete with a night light.

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