Creepy skulls

I bought this skull at Michael's Crafts.  It's made of plaster of paris and only cost me $12.99, but actually less when I used the 40% off coupon.  What a steal right.  But skulls like this can't just be painted white and left at that.  Skulls are never that nice. Especially spooky Halloween skulls.  So something else needed to be done to add drama to this piece. 

The best solution.....antiquing or color washing it.  Now, you can pick up antiquing paint at the craft store as well, or the color wash I used I had purchased at the art store not long ago.  

This process is so easy.....anyone can do it.  There is no skill needed.  First thing you need to do is paint the skull white with just a generic acrylic paint purchased at the craft store for $0.69.

Then, pour the color wash on top of the skull (you will want to work in small areas at a time) and use your paint brush to make sure it gets in all of the cracks.  Immediately after that.....DO NOT LET IT want take a damp cloth....

and wipe off the excess paint, leaving paint only in the cracks and dents of the skull.

Around the teeth, you want to make sure to use a lot of color wash so it looks extra gross.  
Here's the good news, if you mess up and don't get the wash off quick enough or leave more than you want on the skull, just paint over it with the white paint and try it again.  

I then painted the entire inside of the skull black just to finish it off.  

And there you have it.  A skull that looks authentic, creepy and perfect for Halloween. 

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