"Boo" to you

I am dying with excitement that Halloween is coming up so quickly.  My house is already decorated and ready to go.  But, one thing I have learned over the years, is that no matter how many decorations you have, there's always room for one more thing.  For example, I needed something to sit on top of my microwave so when you looked towards my kitchen you could see the decorations didn't just stop at the family room.  

I found some letters from the craft store and modge podged Halloween paper onto them.  You could decorate them however you want.  Then, while perusing through the aisles of the local Dolllar Tree, found these perfect bat cutouts.  Already that saves me a ton of work of having to cut things out. 

I drilled a few small holes in the letters, added a bit of stiff wire, and then glued those little bats on.  
It is a rare occasion that I actually use the cupboard above the microwave, but when I do it is annoying to have to keep taking each letter down and placing it back up.  So my solution......screw those letters together. 

Now they have a little more character being overlapped and all.  And you can twist them any way you want. 

Now Isn't that crafty!!

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