"Witch" legs are those

There's something that makes me smile at the sight of striped stockings and witches boots at Halloween time.  But how I could I incorporate that into my Halloween decorating? And then I was inspired by these pictures I keep seeing of witches legs hanging out from under a house as if the house had fallen on her. Why couldn't a witch get caught in the fireplace while trying to get into a person's house for the holiday.  Lucky for me I have a fireplace (an electric one mind you) that would be the perfect location for such a holiday delight. 

I took some old striped socks and stuffed them with cotton batting.  I then found some cheap fabric and totally made the shoe pattern as I went, and then sewed the stuffed shoes to the socks.  I added a bit of tulle to the top of the legs to resemble the bottom of my witch's skirt. 

Make sure to sew a strip of fabric to the top of the socks so you have something to hang them by, and then with a quick addition of magnet strips, she was ready to hang to the inside of my fireplace. 

And there you have it.  A sneaky witch, caught in the act of breaking and entering.

Happy Halloween!!!

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