Halloween treats

For my kids to take treats to school, I kind of like to do something more than just handing them a piece of candy.  Don't get me wrong, I do not hand them something bigger or larger than candy, but I just like to spruce up the candy so it doesn't look so generic or boring. 

This year for my little guy's preschool class, we decided to give "Tootsie Pops" since those are his favorite.  But just a sucker would be kind of blah.  So we dressed it up like a ghost. 

This probably seems lame to some of you. But back in the day when I would go trick-or-treating, it was so fun to get these suckers that looked like ghosts.  All you need is tissue, ribbon, suckers and a marker. 

Wrap the sucker in the tissue

and tie a ribbon around the bottom of the sucker. 

Use the marker to make two little dots for the eyes, and there you have it.  A little something more than just an ordinary old sucker. 

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