A Walk Down Memory Lane

My husband and I have just celebrated our 12 year wedding anniversary.  Let's face it, the man's a Saint putting up with all of my craziness and am sure at times what he would define as my "multiple personalities."  Nonetheless, we have made it this far, with many more years to look forward to. 
We don't typically exchange gifts with one another.  We are already so blessed to have all that we need, but we do love to exchange romantic gestures.  This year was no different.  My husband is quite sentimental so for me this year was easy.
I bought 12 balloons.  One for each year we have been married.  And at the end of each balloon, I attached a picture of a fond memory and shared with him reasons that I love him.

Example.... I love that no matter how old we are, traditions (like dying Easter eggs) still mean the world to him and he participates in them with excitement and sincere enthusiasm.

When he arrived home from work, my sweet 4 year old spoiled the surprise a bit by informing him of the "tons of balloons" on the bed.  But the real surprise was what they all meant. 
 Here's to the best 12 years of my life....with the absolute love of my life.  And this is only the beginning!

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