Christmas Countdown

So we are all ready to start counting down to the most magical day of the year.  In years past, we have done this in many different ways.  One year, we did count down blocks.  They were cute and reminded us of how much longer we had to wait, but they weren't really fun.  Then we tried one with candy and that was super fun, but really, do we need more treats at this time of year?  So, this year we are trying one that's a bit more interactive.
For each day we count down, there is a card we pull off of the advent that gives us an activity to participate in.
To make the advent calendar itself, I just found a large frame at the local thrift store for $0.50.  I sprayed it red and added string across it to hang the cards from.

I secured the string with staples and then covered those with hot glue just as a reinforcement.
I went to Kmart and found these cute gift tags to use.

And on each one we wrote an activity that we would like to do this Holiday season.  Examples are: drink hot cocoa with lots of marshmallows, watch a Christmas movie, have a family sleepover under the Christmas tree and make Christmas cookies.  We also have some fun ones like take a drive to see the Christmas lights, do a Christmas service project for someone in need, attend a Christmas concert, and wrap gifts for others.  Think of activities that are age appropriate for your family and repeat specific activities as desired.

Now we are all ready to select our activity and get ourselves in the Holiday spirit as we countdown to Christmas!

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