What to do with all those cards

I LOVE getting Christmas cards from all of my friends and family.  It's always good to hear from those who we love and see the cute pictures of their family's that are growing and changing from year to year.  But what do you do with those cards when they come?  Unlike some, I don't have room to stand them up in display, or I don't care to hang them on the wall or on the back of the door.  Nope, instead, I use them as a decorating accent in my very plain and super un-festive garland that adorns my stair railing.
Tie a bit of string, ribbon, whatever you have lying around, and add those cards to that boring old garland.  There, the cards are out of the way, but not thrown out as soon as you read them. 

Remember those who have remembered you this holiday season, and enjoy the cards and sentiments all season long.

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