A permanent snowball

So here we are...in the days past the festivities of Christmas.  Where all houses have taken the lights down, put the wreaths away and we are left with the doldrums of winter.  But just because there's not a great holiday to really decorate for until next month, does not mean that our porches should lack some character.  Am I right?  So here's a crafty little thing that I did to help spruce up the blah, lifeless porch on my house. 
I made permanent snowballs.
It couldn't have been easier.  All over the place, at every store you enter in right now, Christmas ornaments are clearanced to next to nothing.  So for $1.00 per package, I picked up 4 packages of various sizes of non-breakable plastic ornaments.

And a visit to the Dollar Store provided me with 2 lbs of Epsom salt.

I took a little craft glue and added water to it until it was thin enough to spread around my ornaments but not too runny so that it would slide right off.

I rolled the ornament in the glue solution

and then rolled it in a bowl full of salt.

Let them dry overnight, and there you have it.  A snowball guaranteed not to melt.

Stick them in a cool bucket, an empty flower pot, or whatever you choose. And now you have added a bit of "winter" personality to an otherwise bland porch.

I'm thinkin' that it's all pretty crafty!  Don't you?

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