An early start on Easter

I am not one who typically decorates and gets all festive for Easter.  But this year, I decided to step it up and quit celebrating the "big" holidays only.  Poor Easter is so often overlooked.....well, here is your time to shine.  I decided I could at least put a cute wreath or something on the door.  I began looking for one, a cute one with all the glitz and sparkle but they were like $40.  Cheap girl here says no way to that, and so I headed right over to the Dollar Store to see if my crafty mind could come up with something else.  What do ya know, my trip to Dollar Tree paid off.  For an investment of $8.00, a few glue sticks and a little bit of time, I was able to make my version of the $40 egg wreath decor and quite honestly, I think mine is cuter. (Probably because it's cheaper)

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