Some St.Patrick Spirits

I went to a local Thrift Shop (in Utah they are known as the D.I.) and found some cute little bottles for $0.25 a piece.  I didn't know exactly what I was going to use them for, but for some reason, I just had to have them. idea!  How about some delicious St. Patty's spirits to give to people attending our annual corn beef and cabbage dinner. 

 So I searched through my sticker and paper leftovers and came across some gold sticker thing.  So, cutting out hearts and arranging them to make a shamrock, this was one of the creations.

And using the Internet and a little bit of photoshop, found some cute labels, printed them out and with the use of my "xyron" which puts sticky sticker stuff on the backs of regular paper, I made these labels for my bottles and tags for others. ( I am sure there is a more professional name for what is is my xyron does, but you get the idea)

And here's how they turned out.  With a bit of green limeade and apple juice added to the bottles, they became a delicious St. Patrick's day treat for my dinner guests.

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