Gardening Series: What to do while waiting for Spring

One of the most important jobs early each spring is pruning. Prune plants to make them more eye appealing, to correct potential problems, to keep plants healthy and strong, to encourage more blossoms, and to 'just make-plants-more-beautiful'. Pruning helps you keep your plants growing the way they should - or at least the way you think they should grow.
The best time of year to prune is RIGHT NOW.   Pruning during winter dormancy helps the tree produce a vigorous burst of new growth in the spring. The tree's framework is easy to see and major faults can be easily detected and repaired. Prune fruit trees just before they start to grow in the spring. Prune summer flowering trees and shrubs (such as rose of Sharon, potentilla, butterfly bush, golden rain tree, and hydrangeas) anytime before they start growing in the spring.
If your main goal for spring flowering trees and shrubs is to have as many flowers as possible, wait until after they have finished blooming to prune them. Prune all your spring flowering trees and shrubs (such as lilac, forsythia, wisteria, bridal wreath, flowering cherry, flowering pear, and quince) later in the spring or early in the summer.

Loppers are useful for pruning trees or
shrubs with thick branches
Hand pruners are used for
pruning shrubs and larger plants

Shears are perfect for pruning plants

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