An outdoor towel rack

We love to swim and stay wet all summer long.  The problem is that I don't do laundry every day all day all summer long and I have no deck or railing to hang our damp towels over to dry out.  So, I came up with another idea.  A pretty clever one I think.  I made an outdoor towel rack that can sit on our back patio and help dry our towels out until they are ready to be used again. 

I apologize for these awful pictures.  I was making these in the heat of the afternoon so was trying to find refuge in the shade of my garage.  As a result, the pictures are half shaded and half sunny.  Try to overlook my photography errors.  Oh and don't mind the dead grass in the background of the above picture.  We have worked out our sprinkler issues and the problem is being resolved.

I went to my favorite store ever, Home Depot, and bought 2 3' square dowels and 1 5' round dowel. 

In one of the square dowels, I drilled 2 holes on opposite sides of the square dowel, just big enough that the round dowels could fit through.  Hopefully the picture clarifies that above statement. 

And then I cut my long 5' dowel in half and inserted them into the holes of the square dowel that I had just drilled.  Stuck in a little wood glue to hold them steady and level, and that part is done.

Now to the bottom.  I notched out 2 pieces of wood and screwed the whole thing together.  

Somehow I feel like it needs a little something more to finish it, but for now it will do and we will put it to good use this summer for sure. 

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