Let the games begin....

Ohhhhh!! how I love the Olympics!!! And I am dying to celebrate in all of the athletes' glory.  At my house we cannot let such an epic event go without a bit of a celebration.  It all started during the last Olympic winter games where we hosed our own Olympic party.  My husband Noah was lucky enough to be chosen to run the torch up the street and light our own Olympic flame in the front yard- which remained lit for the full 2 weeks- and then our games commenced.  We had our home decorated with flags and Olympic rings and had all of the appropriate sporting music and national anthems on hand.  

I wanted to share the how-to on making Olympic rings so you too can show your pride and support to all of the athletes. 

This is made of nothing more than foam rings that I found at Dollar Tree, spray painted them, and with fishing twine, put it all together.  Now they are ready to hang from my front porch.

And at night, the rings hang with pride with my USA flag of lights in the background. 

That's just the beginning.  Here is the invitation for the participating athletes invited to this year's games. 

Each family that comes must represent a country and bring a dish to share from that particular country.  Since we are the hosts, we need to figure out what a good English dish might be.  (We are also doing this as a birthday party for my 7 year old who's birthday is in fact July 27.)

We even go as far as awarding medals for all the winners of our sporting events.  I visited the local D.I (thrift store) and found these retired medals for $0.25 each and couldn't resist snagging them for the prizes. 

Now, I am still trying to narrow down exactly what events we will be participating in.  Stay tuned and I will share those ideas with you as I get them pinned down. But, at least this will help you get started on your own Olympic party.  Even if you don't have your own Olympics, at least you can show your support with a little decor.

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  1. You are AWESOME! I just feel joy reading this great post and want to host an Olympic party too! How fun!