Drink Holder Anyone?

How many times have you found yourself enjoying the great outdoors and not having a firm solid ground to put your beverage on?  Perhaps not many, but me, it happens all of the time. I love to sit out in the back yard watching my kids laugh and run and play, and while sitting there, I like to enjoy the icy cold taste of my favorite Diet Pepsi beverage and the grass is never a suitable place to put it down.

So a solution had to be found.  And here it is. 

Using a progressive soup can (they have a nice wide can that will fit a soda can perfectly), I drilled a small hole in it large enough to put a threaded dowel through it.

A simple bolt and washer will help hold the can in place...one on the bottom

and one on the inside of the can.

So now here you are and here you can stop if you want.

But I like to decorate so I took some leftover vinyl from a previous project or two, and glued it to the outside of the can.

And then with the help of my son, branded it with his favorite angry bird.  Now I have a place to place my beverage while outdoors with no worry of it tipping over and spilling precious liquid onto the ground.

Pretty crafty if you ask me.

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