Fancy Glassware

Sometimes it's fun to drink from a fancy glass, am I right? And although I may not fill these glasses with wine or champagne, when I drink Diet Pepsi (my beverage of choice) I like to be/feel fancy too.

I was at Ross the other day and found this cute black and white sparkly glass.  I had to buy it.  Upon closer look at it, I was so happy to find out that it was made of nothing more than rhinestone stickers attached to a plain old wine glass.  How easy to replicate!!!! 

So replicate I did.  I found some super cheap wine glasses and then headed to Michael's Crafts to find some stickers.  Lucky for me, they came in strips and all I had to do was make one easy peel and stick it on the glass. 

Although they are not dishwasher's worth a bit of a hand wash to have a glass that makes yo feel super fancy, no matter what beverage you chose to put in it!

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