Scary Spider

It's been far too long since I have posted on this blog....but as you may relate, summer is quite crazy.  And, my little girl has started school so early this year, that I am still trying to figure out what month it really is, and what has happened to this thing called time.  But, I have been busy creating and  crafting away and have so much to catch up with and share with you.

I am starting on Halloween early this year.  I am in desperate need of cool, fall weather and by focusing on Halloween in August, I am hoping my pleas for an early fall are heard.  I love super cheap and super easy crafts that add fun and excitement to my holiday decor.  This one couldn't have been any easier or any cheaper.

I was at the local thrift store and found these cute metal spiders.  What are people thinking giving away such treasures as metal spiders?  Well, whatever they may or may not be thinking, I am grateful for my fortunate finds. You too could be so lucky as to find durable metal spiders at your local thrift store or even craft store, or perhaps just the plastic spider rings at your local dollar tree will work just fine too.

I then glued the tiniest magnet I could find at Michael's Craft Store to the bottom side of the spider ......

and then attached them to my front door.  Most exterior doors are metal, so this is easily done on most doors.  

How fun is this?!?!  I am loving it and am so ready to delve into more easy Halloween crafts.  This one was just to get you all excited. 

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  1. I'm totally doing this! Love it and so will my kids. Maybe I'll sneak some onto my sister and Mom's doors too!