Angry Bird Pizza

I decided to be a crafty mom for my kids tonight and made a " themed" dinner.  On tonight's menu, ANGRY BIRD PIZZA eaten picnic style while enjoying the ongoing 2012 Olympics.  

If a character face is required to get the kids excited bout dinner, then a character we will build.  My boy is in LOVE with angry birds so this was made with him in mind.  I had to use whatever ingredients I had on hand so that it could be a quick easy meal.  I am not an artist so don't judge the look....just enjoy the creativity.  It was as simple as a pizza crust with sauce and cheese.  Topped off with Canadian bacon (my kids despise pepperoni) a little extra dough for the eyes and olives for the pupils and eyebrows.  Shredded mozzarella would have made a better lower half of this bird's face, but all I had were slices, so they had to do.  Add a little Colby jack for the beak and VOILA!!!  Your very own angry bird pizza. 

Tonight, I was the best mom EVER!!

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