Getting ready for the games

As mentioned in a previous post about our quircky celebrations of epic events such as the Summer Olympic games, we are pleased to be hosting this years event in just a matter of days and the final touches to our games are being put on even as we speak. 

One of the events we will be participating in is archery.  With a homeade bow and arrows, this event is sure to be a crowd pleaser.  Let me share with you a little tutorial on how this bow and arrow were constructed and then you too can participate in your very own archery event.

I took a piece of 1/2" PVC pipe (the thinner the better.  You need one that will be good and flexibe, yet sturdy and easy to hold) some plastic wrapped wire and two 1/2" sprinkler caps.

With a hand saw, I cut the pipe to lengths that would suit a variety of people sizes and then made a slit on both ends of the pipe.

I wrapped the plastic covered wire in those slits as tight as I could

And then capped off the ends with the sprinkler caps to keep the wire from slipping out of the newly fashioned bow.

For the arrows, I grabbed some wooden dowels, and again with the had saw, made slits on the end large enough that it would sit nicely on the plastic covered wire.

With a slight tug and a good aim, this bow and arrow is ready to be used by even the youngest of athletic participants.

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